Furrow Jet by Precision Planting


The Optimum Starter Placement

FurrowJet is a planter fertilizer attachment which enables you to place not only an in-furrow starter fertilizer, but also a dual-band of fertilizer 3/4″ on each side of the seed. FurrowJet rides in the furrow just above the seed, firming while placing starter. Wings on FurrowJet angle downward to cut into the sidewall and place fertilizer alongside the seed in a dual-band. By being near-furrow, this placement gives the seedling and crown roots immediate and continuous access to the nutrients. Combined with accurate placement, FurrowJet is flexible, allowing increased rates and common starters to be applied safely, avoiding seed burn risk.


Reduce Risk and Increase Yield

Today, yield response from starter is limited by the current in-furrow and 2×2 attachments. Due to fertilizer salt burn risk, rates for in-furrow pop-up attachments are very limited, capping the yield opportunity. Starter fertilizer placed by using 2×2 attachments is just too far away from the plant roots to be effective during early root devleopment.

By being near-furrow, FurrowJet’s placements give the seedling and crown roots immediate and continuous access to the nutrients.

FurrowJet offers a lot of flexibility since your nutrient management plan is as unique as your fields are. It mounts to our quick-attach firmer bracket and has a first-stage mini firmer that functions like the standard Keeton® seed firmer. A second stage wing cuts into the furrow applying fertilizer in three locations. There is flexibility in this system with our two inputs, one in-furrow and a second going to the wings. If you choose to you may put a micro-nutrient package in-furrow and a more economical starter through the wings or you could T a single product like a 10-34-0 and run it through all 3 outputs, you could even just run a product through the wings or in-furrow only.