vSet Select by Precision Planting

We are excited about Precision Planting’s vSet Select.  What is vSet Select?   Two simple words “Multi Hybrid”.  vSet Select allows you to plant two different hybrids at one time.  Different field conditions within one field many times require two different hybrids.  With vSet Select you can plant two hybrids in one row, or you can switch your hybrids back and forth matching the most suitable hybrid with each condition in your field.  This will lead to the best yields throughout your field.

If you have been collecting yield data with your 20/20, we can take that information and provide a two hybrid prescription shape file to be used with the vSet Select.

This is one of the newest items that Precision Planting has out. We have installed the vSet Select on a couple planters with great success. The customers have been very pleased. Call us at 660-388-6101 and we will answer any questions or work up a quote for you!