Reveal by Precision Planting

Row unit-mounted row cleaners hurt row unit ride and affect down force requirements. Reveal is frame-mounted, removing its impact on the row unit. With its own internal gauge wheel, Reveal precisely controls the depth of the cleaning tines to create a consistently clean and ideal seeding environment for even emergence to occur.



How Reveal is Different

  1. Reveal is frame-mounted, eliminating the negative effects that row unit-mounted row cleaners have on row unit ride and changing downforce requirements.
  2. Reveal has an internal gauge wheel, meaning that the depth of the cleaning tines is set from the cleaned soil only instead of soil + residue like traditional row cleaners.
  3. Reveal has independent adjustment of pressure and cleaning tine depth, meaning that you can set the pressure you need to keep the internal gauge wheel on the ground, which eliminates bounce of the row cleaner. Then use a T-handle to set how deep the cleaning tines operate for excellent cleaning.

Consistently Clean Residue

Keeping residue out of the seed trench is imperative to get consistent germination and emergence. In order to do this, it takes a row cleaner that can remove the surface residue and not impact the operation of the row unit. Traditional row cleaners can tend to bounce across the soil surface, causing them to miss some residue that can end up in the seed trench. This bouncing also causes row-unit bounce that negatively affects the row-unit.