vDrive by Precision Planting


vDrive is a custom planter on each row. Whatever you need and ask of that row happens. Period.

Season one, you have the capabilities to do your best planting, plus a meter & drive setup that has staying power for the seasons ahead.


How does vDrive work?

The 20/20 SeedSense system is required to run vDrive. SeedSense sends GPS and target seeding information to the Single Row Module (SRM) mounted on the row. The SRM utilizes the GPS, Radar and Gyro inputs to calculate highly accurate row specific velocity and sends the motor command to the vDrive Motor Module (VDM). The VDM in the motor assembly executes the command with extreme accuracy.

Capabilities of vDrive

  • Male and Female
  • Independent Rows
  • Prescription Accuracy
  • Built for Speed
  • Manage Curves

Control & Accuracy

With its row-by-row control, you’ll get precisely planted headlands, high-definition population reporting, and even the ability to plant male and female seed corn plants in the same pass.

Green On The Curves

Standard drive motors don’t allow individual rows (from the outside to the inside of the planter) to adjust around curves. With vDrive, each row adjusts independently, so you get accurate populations on curves and with your prescriptions.

Contact us today to get your planter set up with vDrive!