Intellislope by Ag Leader®


Integra-IntellislopeAg Leader’s Intellislope® simplifies the process of installing field drainage tile by using an RTK GPS receiver to install tile with a positive grade through the entire run. This eliminates the need for laser surveying equipment, which can be subject to weather conditions, and adjustments to keep the plow on grade in changing topography.

Improve Your Fields From the Bottom Up

Are you getting the most out of your fields? Installing field drainage tile improves soil tilth for better root development, lengthens planting windows and provides better nutrient access for crops by removing excess moisture from the soil profile. The Intellislope functionality is available through the Ag Leader® Integra display and provides tile plow control for installing field drainage tile easily and effectively.


Easy Installation, Planning and Record Keeping With AutoTile®


Can be done ahead of time with an ATV, or at the time of installation with the tile plow utilizing RTK GPS. Collect surveys by driving over the path where tile needs to be placed to collect the surface elevation.




Enter the desired minimum/maximum and target depths, as well as the minimum grade to drain excess water from the field. This can be done in the field or with the SMS™ Advanced Water Management Module.




Use the plan you created to install tile using AutoTile® to adjust the depth of the plow automatically. You can also use Grade control or Pitch control modes as needed.




Grade Control


If you have used lasers in the past to install tile, Grade Control allows you to install in a similar way using GPS rather than lasers.  This mode allows you to set the desired grade to install tile.  If needed, you can also use grade breaks to shallow up but keep the same grade.


Pitch Control


If your RTK GPS signal is lost, use Pitch Control mode (with a pitch plow) to finish the run.  This mode uses the pitch sensor in the Water Management Module to guide the plow at a specific pitch.  This mode is intended to keep you at your desired pitch in case of a lost signal but is not meant for large scale installs.