Gateway Modem by DigiFarm

Gateway Modem

The DigiFarm Gateway modem is a universal, economical modem that bridges your RTK signal from the internet to your rover or vehicle’s GPS system. DigiFarm has developed custom software that makes is easy to use, easy to program, and completely upgradeable. The base price of this modem makes it the most affordable NTRIP modem available in the agricultural market. It can be upgraded for features like WiFi, Bluetooth, or even the brand of GPS you are sending signal to. The Gateway works with almost all brand of GPS/GNSS receiver.

DigiFarm is an industry leader, providing high accuracy RTK corrections across a large part of the country. We’ve developed this modem around our network to ensure the customer has a good RTK experience. We have worked with many modems and we understand what it takes to deliver a high quality product. The Gateway modem is sold with software hard coded to the DigiFarm VBN network at a subsidized price.


Key Features

  • Cellular gateway for RTK corrections
  • Available in 3G and LTE models
  • Web based user interface to program login credentials
  • Optional Wi-Fi hotspot and internet access
  • Optional Bluetooth module
  • Remote access / remote support using a web interface
  • Cabling options for most GPS receivers
  • Ethernet interface
  • DigiFarm supports and has data plans for Verizon, U.S. Cellular and AT&T with Static IP addresses for enhanced support and diagnostics



RTK Solutions powered by DigiFarm is committed to providing the highest accuracy, reliability, and security for your precision farming systems. With our current central Missouri RTK Virtual Base Network to our Apple MFi certified Beacon v3.0 wireless data streaming device, we have what you need to take your farm to the next level of accuracy.