SMS™ Software by Ag Leader®


Precision farming isn’t about spending endless hours crunching numbers and analyzing data. It’s about answering questions that can make you more profitable. That’s the simple idea behind Ag Leader’s industry-leading SMS Software, an easy-to-use decision-making tool to help you capture the most out of every acre.

Ag Leader understands that smart management decisions are a must in your precision farming operation. And, because you may have data from different systems and sources, we aim to support as many data types as possible. SMS was developed with this in mind, so you can make well-informed decisions based on all your data.




  • Choose higher yielding seed based on historical yield performance.
  • Save on seed costs by generating variable rate seed prescriptions.
  • Layer planting and harvest maps to easily compare seed performance.
  • Track split-planting operations.
  • Map all hybrids, planting dates, bags planted and location.



  • Create and manage soil sampling.
  • Create and manage crop scouting data.
  • Handle data from many different field operations such as tillage, baling, etc.
  • Create and manage data about your fields such as tile lines, landmarks, soil type maps, etc.
  • Create and manage crop plans.
  • Use information for government and insurance reporting.



  • Track variable rate liquid and/or granular application.
  • Create variable rate application maps and prescriptions.
  • Identify/mark “no spray” areas of the field.
  • Record application operations for regulatory record keeping.
  • Track and display crop health data provided by OptRx sensors.


Guidance Planning/Support

  • Generate A-B guidance lines.
  • Archive guidance lines from the field for future use.
  • Import/export guidance lines to and from multiple brands of guidance systems.



  • Analyze harvest data by field area, application records, as planted maps, etc.
  • Overlay hybrid/variety maps with harvest maps to determine yield performance.
  • Review yield performance by year.
  • Overlay yield maps with other field operations to determine how field activities affected yield across the field.

There are three SMS packages available, SMS Basic, SMS Advanced and SMS Mobile.