vApply by Precision Planting


Flow Measurement and Control On-Row

vApplyHD is the industry first, on-row liquid control product which incorporates flow measurement and control into a single device. Its row-by-row features include turn compensation, swath, automatic flow balancing, and variable rate prescription execution. The module is easy to install, simple to use, and designed with industry leading flexibility. The vApplyHD module is used, without modification, from the lowest pop-up rates on the planter to the highest sidedress rates, across the full range of speeds.



Features of vApply

  • Row Variability
  • Field Variability
  • Water Hammer
  • Row Swath
  • Apply Precisely on Every Row

There is a different amount of product being put on every seed as we go down the pass with current systems. vApplyHD eliminates row-by-row variability with a measurement and control device on every row to help with row swath, row balancing, turn compensation or row-by-row prescription.